Unlike some years back when web sites were almost exclusively static, the standard these days is to have a feature-rich, dynamic site. Not many people can build this type of web site completely from scratch though, so the most convenient solution to have a dynamic site is to use a script app. A lot of web hosting companies offer script installers you can use to add such an app for each of your domain or subdomains, so you'll not have to install anything manually. The advantage of using an installer tool would be that the scripts are ready to use in a few minutes and the copy that'll be installed is already with the settings necessary for it to run properly on the specific hosting server, so you will not have to modify any script or account settings. In this way you can effortlessly create one with simply a few clicks even though you may have never had a website before.
1-click Applications Installer in Shared Hosting
If you acquire a shared hosting package deal from our company, you'll get a 1-click script installer with over fifty different apps that you can use to build your site. You may have just about any sort of website - a blog, an e-learning portal, a discussion board, an online store or anything else you can imagine. All that you should do is to choose the script and the domain name you'd like to use, to choose the administration login details and to press the Install button. In a couple of minutes our system will do the rest, to enable you to log in to the script back office and start adding your site content. The scripts that we offer you are up-to-date and for some of them you can select one of the 100+ web themes we offer during the installation process. You'll save lots of money from web design services and you can easily create a dynamic, feature-rich site.