When you purchase a brand new shared hosting, it's generated on a server and the overall process normally takes a while, in addition to the validation and processing of your transaction, which many companies execute manually. If you get a dedicated server, for instance, the setup takes more time because the machine needs to be built, installed and tested to guarantee that it'll function properly. This is the reason why the majority of providers have a one-time charge to cover the time and efforts devoted to your new account. The charge, which can sometimes be high, is usually not displayed on the main page, still you will see it on the checkout or payment page, which means that you will not be aware of it before you've already gone through the whole registration process and you may even miss it if you do not pay close attention.
Setup Fee in Shared Hosting
Our shared hosting packages do not have any kind of setup charges or any other obscured fees in general. If you buy an account, we will process your transaction at once and the account will be generated and activated by our system instantly. The overall price that you will have to pay for your web hosting package will be identical everywhere - on your main, order & payment pages, and you won't notice or have to pay anything in addition to that cost anytime. That is valid even if you obtain several accounts since it's our belief that developing trust is more important than gaining a few more dollars. Our account activation is immediate, so you're able to proceed and start building your web sites immediately.
Setup Fee in VPS Servers
If you choose to order a new Virtual Private Server through our company, the total price that you'll have to pay upon registration is the same both on our main page and on your bank statement. We don't charge any kind of setup fees or some other hidden costs over the VPS monthly price. Despite the fact that the setup takes some time, it is almost totally automatic, so we feel there is no reason to ask you for anything extra for a few more clicks by us. In case you already have a shared hosting account from our company and you buy a virtual server equipped with our Hepsia Control Panel, we will transfer all of your info and even in this case, we'll never ask you to pay a dime on top of the standard monthly rate for the VPS server plan.