VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, is a means of connecting to a remote hosting server and being able to view online content via it rather than doing it directly. Basically, the server acts as a proxy, so as long as you have a VPN client on your pc or mobile device and you enter the required login info to be able to connect to the hosting server, you will be able to browse websites or download files which you may not be able to access at all directly. Some sites and online services, for instance, are available only in certain countries, therefore in the event that you aren't able to access them, you'll be able to use a VPN, or a hosting machine, that's situated in that country. In this way it'll look like you're accessing the service/website from the country and you may get around the restrictions. There are firms that offer VPNs as a separate service, but we have decided to offer the service with our internet hosting plans, therefore if you host your websites on our machines, you could take advantage of the Virtual private network access which we provide free of charge.
VPN Traffic in Shared Hosting
The Virtual private network access is available automatically regardless of the shared hosting service you sign up for and you will find the settings, the login credentials and a list of our servers within the Virtual private network section of your Hepsia hosting Cp. With a couple of mouse clicks you can access any content which is blocked inside your country or that is restricted only to a certain country as we have hosting machines which you can use all over the world. That way you will have the freedom to access social networks or online streaming services no matter what because it'll appear that you are in Europe, in North America or any other place which you see in your Cp as we keep adding servers constantly. The VPN filter tool, that you can easily activate whenever you want, will block all unwelcome content like advertisements or large images, which means less traffic and faster loading speeds for the content which you would like to access.
VPN Traffic in VPS Servers
The Virtual private network service is available as standard with all VPS servers which are installed with the Hepsia Cp. The section devoted to this feature shall give you the info that you have to enter in your Virtual private network client as to be able to connect to one of the servers which we've got worldwide and as an added bonus, you could take advantage of the Virtual private network filter, which will raise your browsing speed by compressing pictures and blocking unwanted adverts. We keep increasing the list of servers constantly, so you could choose one which will suit your needs best and with only a few mouse clicks you'll be able to hide your actual location and appear as if you are in New York or Amsterdam. This service shalloffer you the freedom to access any online content such as streaming services that are available only in specific countries or social networks that are blocked for one reason or another inside your own country.